WomenCann916 is now CannaConvos!

Updated: Jun 3, 2018


We are growing faster than we anticipated - thank you for the support! - and when we started exploring building an LLC and trademark (etc) for WomenCann916, we realized a few things...

--This is bigger than the 916. Someone from New Jersey asked if she could start a local chapter. In NEW JERSEY. So our new name reflects that this small experiment might one day grow beyond our wildest dreams.

--This is bigger than just women. Our events have always been billed as "open to ALL", but with "Women" in the name, we heard from a lot of men that they weren't 100% it was really ok for them to attend. It is. And our new name reinforces that.

--Gotta keep it legal. We discovered another group in Oregon operating as WomenCann (@CannWomen) as a directory for women entrepreneurs in cannabis. #respect. The sand box is big enough for all of us so we pivoted. And somehow no one had scooped CannaConvos!

--Truth in Advertising. And the more we thought about it, the more we fell in love with CannaConvos. Because that's what we're ultimately trying to do on our little sliver of the planet: change the conversation around cannabis.

We want a cannabis conversation based on facts. And science. And an honest conversation about the benefits of this lovely plant, and the people who have been hurt by prohibition. And we want this conversation to be free of stigma. Or judgment.

So that's it - a big change, but hopefully the last for awhile. That is, until the laws/regulations change so we can start on-site consumption and sales. Think lounges. Day spa experiences with CBD products. Elevated yoga. Art classes with a bit of creative help. Hiking expeditions that emphasize being mindful. And can you imagine what the farm-to-fork-capitol-meets-cannabis-experience is going to look like? We can't wait. (Email us if you agree: hellocannaconvos@gmail.com)

In the meantime, we'll keep bringing you reliable education + meaningful discussion + like-minded fellowship. Every third Tuesday of the month at Antiquite Midtown (2114 P Street) from 5:30pm-8pm.

(21+ only | No sales/consumption | No host bar | FREE TO ATTEND)

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